Two years down! Two years to go! I’m literally halfway to my Masters degree and I’m excited. The time is passing by swiftly. From our 3rd year in the Fall until the end of my NUNM days, clinical practice is the primary focus.

So far, we’ve done a few observation shifts in our clinic and soon we’ll become much more involved. As we start making this transition, there’s a common concern that has come up with a number of my classmates (which goes hand-in-hand with not knowing). Continue reading


Today I booked a flight through calling the airline. After I hung up, I wondered aloud how often people do this anymore.

Naturally, this led my thoughts to my childhood days when there wasn’t the internet and my Mom would always call to book our flights. And call to check for arrivals when we were picking up folks. And call to do the various things we needed to get done in life – on our landline.

Do kids even know what a landline is anymore? A rotary phone? A dial tone?

And then I was thinking about dial-up. Oh, to all the things about the internet that I had to learn growing up that kids of the 21st century would never have experienced: Continue reading

Surprise, Portland!

“Surprise, Portland!”

~ Winter

About a week ago, we got a foot’s worth of surprise fall from the sky. Depending on where you were, 8-15″ of snow fell in and around the Portland metro area last Tuesday night and we never even saw it coming – sort of. It all started with a quick ice storm over the weekend and Monday alerted us to yet another Winter Storm Warning with 2-4″ of snow expected. Portland hasn’t amounted to the estimated snowfall all season so I guess Winter decided to spring one on us for the first time since, apparently, the ’80s. Continue reading

2016 Review

I missed a ton during 2016 in the blogging world. Or, maybe the blogging world missed me? No? That’s okay. I sure missed writing and sharing as much as I used to.

As always, 2016 was another year that just flew right on by, while still feeling like somewhat of a long year. I’ve yet to figure out why this conundrum happens, even in day-to-day life. If I simply accept that the world is just filled with paradoxes like this, then I suppose it’s just fine and, either way, I continue to live with it.

I started new things in 2016. It’s like a whole new me. Continue reading

Merry Christmas!

I made it to the end of the week with my 7 days of blogging, as promised. Small victories.

I’m off to have an amazing meal with my loved ones. I’m so blessed that my family has been able to visit me and spend my first Christmas in the PNW with me! Large blessings.


Merry Christmas to you and yours. Treasure what little, or much, you have right in front of you.

Much love,


Christmas Week Day 7: A Parang Eve

December 24, 2016

My adorable family is coming to visit me this Christmas and I can’t wait! Of course, that meant that this entire day was dedicated to one thing: preparations!

Essentially, clean everything. Make the apartment spotless. Wash all the sheets and towel – freshness! Make all the beds they’ll sleep in. The last being quite important since they get in around midnight tonight and they’ll be exhausted!

Of course, none of this is interesting and all of it is tiring but Christmas music is a MUST. Not just any Christmas music: Parang! Continue reading