Today I booked a flight through calling the airline. After I hung up, I wondered aloud how often people do this anymore.

Naturally, this led my thoughts to my childhood days when there wasn’t the internet and my Mom would always call to book our flights. And call to check for arrivals when we were picking up folks. And call to do the various things we needed to get done in life – on our landline.

Do kids even know what a landline is anymore? A rotary phone? A dial tone?

And then I was thinking about dial-up. Oh, to all the things about the internet that I had to learn growing up that kids of the 21st century would never have experienced: the dial-up sound, the inability to use the internet and the phone simultaneously, 28.8 kbps speeds and waiting 2-4 minutes for a webpage to show up piece…by piece…by piece.

I love these “Kids React To” videos. They’re rather amusing while occasionally make me feel older than I really am – and are sometimes a little frustrating because “How can you not know!?”

And then I found this, which was much more interesting than I expected.

Then the madness in my head ended with a really good hour-long afternoon nap. Thanks for joining 🙂

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