About Me



In a nutshell:

  • Asian…also Bajan…also Trini.
  • Love for travel.
  • Love for food.
  • Optimistic.
  • Doctor.
  • Forever young.

Born and (mostly) raised on the small island of Barbados, I’m someone who likes to dream big, set goals and plan for the probable future I desire. I’m passionate about my goals for the practice of medicine…integrative medicine is the best any physician can offer. This is my dream. It’s a long ways to the summit.

Here, I share inspiration, my personal experiences and travels.

Join me as I journey the roads to fulfilling my dreams: here

  1. Finish allopathic medical school.
  2. Complete 12-month allopathic medical internship.
  3. Get into the Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine programme.
  4. Start naturopathic medical school
  5. Let dreams grow. Embrace change.
  6. Become a student of the School of Classical Chinese Medicine.
  7. Cook more.
  8. Learn to bake.
  9. The moment is now. Be present.
  10. Never stop dreaming.

FAQs about naturopathy as an allopathic medical graduate

I am getting back to nature, 
I have strayed from mother earth, 
Have followed many barren paths, since my time of birth, 
I am living close to nature, with the sun, the air, the bath, 
And experience has taught me this, to take 'The Natur-path.'

– Benedict Lust (founder of Naturopathy)

7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. TheKiwiFruit says:

    Hi Amy!
    What an awesome blog you have. I love how you are achieving your goals and living your dreams! 🙂
    I have stumbled onto your blog from the reader in search or some interesting and inspirational topics, you are one!
    Keep living your amazing life 🙂


    • Amy says:

      Hi Stef! Thank you so much!! Just stopped by yours as well…it’s great! Sounds like you’re living an amazing life yourself 🙂 I can’t figure out how to subscribe to your posts though…


  2. Dad says:

    I am reminded when I used to express myself in writing many years ago before you were born which helped me to become a better me also. I can totally relate to what you are saying. Where did those years go…and what happened to all those moments?


  3. Moa'bite says:

    “Life is passing by me so quickly, I’m afraid I’ll forget the moments that inspire me to be a better me…cliché as that sounds”… No matter if it sounds as cliche or not… but this is a good thing to believe in!


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