Two years down! Two years to go! I’m literally halfway to my Masters degree and I’m excited. The time is passing by swiftly. From our 3rd year in the Fall until the end of my NUNM days, clinical practice is the primary focus.

So far, we’ve done a few observation shifts in our clinic and soon we’ll become much more involved. As we start making this transition, there’s a common concern that has come up with a number of my classmates (which goes hand-in-hand with not knowing).

Too often I feel frustrated about the knowledge (more specifically, the lack of it) that I’m receiving. That’s not to say that nobody’s teaching me things but so many things are being taught that it’s not possible to remember it all, so you write them down to go home and read up but when you read, you don’t remember.

I came across this in a blog entry 6 years ago – also at the halfway point of my allopathic medical education.

Our first two years have been filled with a ton of info and it’s hard to remember it all. I remember that concern back then. Of course, I understand that feeling now. The only difference is that I’ve learnt to become okay with not being able to remember the things I read and simply ride the wave.

It also helps that the pressure here is much different. It’s almost minor in comparison to the intense pressure and the insults thrown at you when you can’t recall that one thing you thought you learnt the night before. I eventually learnt that the world didn’t end when I couldn’t remember and I didn’t need added personal pressure. Life moves on as it does – live and learn.

All I can do is continue to be excited about my learning process – always adding to what I already have in the dusty crevices of my mind – a lifelong process in the medical field. It’s only just beginning!

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