2016 Review

I missed a ton during 2016 in the blogging world. Or, maybe the blogging world missed me? No? That’s okay. I sure missed writing and sharing as much as I used to.

As always, 2016 was another year that just flew right on by, while still feeling like somewhat of a long year. I’ve yet to figure out why this conundrum happens, even in day-to-day life. If I simply accept that the world is just filled with paradoxes like this, then I suppose it’s just fine and, either way, I continue to live with it.

I started new things in 2016. It’s like a whole new me.

1. Began a Master of Science of Oriental Medicine, and learnt that this is where my heart and practice belongs. Admittedly, I lost sight of a future vision for my practice because I took up something that was never a part of my initial plans but this, like everything else in life, led me to some new perspectives that I needed. It eventually, also led me to a new vision of my career that I’m excited to pursue.

2. Began a new blog – Searching For Roots – to document my new journey through medicine, because it’s one that deserves it’s own space.

3. Picked up a new hobby: bullet journalling. I’ve been doing it for 6 months now and it has simply led me down the rabbit hole of stationery supplies. I’ve always loved stationery and I’ve finally found something that combines my love for (and justifies my purchase of) stationery and organisation and planning while providing me with a creative outlet.

4. Reaching for my creative talents and bringing them out on the surface.

The MSOM has given me opportunities to change up some gears in my brain and encourages me to find that spark of creativity and draw on it. As such, I’ve dabbled into some artsy things that I hadn’t even tried since I was 13 years old in art class at secondary school.

I wrote my first poem in quite awhile. It was probably the only poem I produced the entire year.

Bullet journalling tossed me into the world of calligraphy. It’s an art form I always found interest in but now I’ve fallen for and into the loops of cursive writing, fountain pens, point pens and brush pens. It’s got a hold of me and it won’t let go, but I’m not complaining.

I’m also slowly learning to write Traditional Chinese characters from our classical texts as part of my journal assignments for various classes.

6. Since moving to Portland in 2015, I’ve made friends, lost friends and made other friends. The circle of friendships. I’m learning not to be too saddened by the loss of connection with people, especially as some of the first people I managed to create bonds with here. I’m also learning to be more myself as I try to connect with people. Being so culturally different, I’ve simply been trying to find ways to “fit in” so that I could make friends but about half way through this year I met someone wonderful with whom I feel I could be most myself with. I’ve been no one except the Caribbean-cultured Amy that I am since. Nothing like moving the US to make me aware that even someone as not-so-strongly Caribbean as I am is still Caribbean islander enough to have a hard time relating to large continent dwellers and the things considered normal.

7. Another year met with great success (and yet again subsequent loss) in fitness. Lasted about 6 months though…the longest streak yet. As always, I will try try again.

I’m grateful to say that 2017 has left me feeling blessed in so many ways. It has been a good year to me, personally. Sadly, the year itself has been pretty tough on the world in a lot of ways and I pray constantly for grace and peace to weave itself through the loops and make our hearts whole again.

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