A Swerving Path

Yesterday, I woke up and one thought instantly struck me and permeated throughout the day. It led to me sharing this status on Facebook:

Exactly one year ago, I first landed in Portland and had my NCNM interview. Now, I’m living here, attending NCNM and following my dreams.

I feel so blessed to be able to be where I am today. A place that I could be by the grace of God and His plans for my life. My Dad commented and reminded me that:

God is faithful Amy and all He requires is that we too be faithful to Him. “Acknowledge Him in all your ways and He will direct your paths.” Prov. 3:6

I am constantly grateful to be studying Classical Chinese Medicine, a dream I didn’t know was in my heart until 6 or 7 months ago. I recall the planting of the seed of that dream many years ago but never watered it because I was sure Naturopathy was more beneficial to me and my practice. Now I’m basking in the wonders of my studies and enjoy every day, every moment, every teacher and every experience that this medicine is giving me.

I know, absolutely, that had my life continued along the path that I expected it to I wouldn’t be as joyful as I am now. It hasn’t been easy. I had a few setbacks. A lot of things didn’t go my way. It’s been a curvy path with some wacky bends. The outcome, though? Even better than my own plans. Sometimes God has a better plan…and it may come in a very unpleasant package but it’ll be sweeter than one could imagine.

Failure has been a great teacher. Being somewhere I never intended to be has been a great teacher. Likewise, being somewhere I have fully intended to be has been a great teacher. – This is why we never stop growing and learning throughout our lives. If we can bring awareness to our present and focus on the journey (not the destination), we often find that there’s so much to learn.

The icing on the cake to my Friday was this: on my interview day, the students we interacted with told us about an annual NCNM Making A Difference Award Ceremony & Ball that was happening that evening. Last night, I attended the event and had a great time with my classmates and teachers. The final award of the night was the Lifetime Achievement award, given to someone who recently retired from NCNM but I never had the chance to interact with. He has given much of his years in service to the school and it’s growth and has seen it come through its various stages. His was the only speech given by an award-winner…and it was exceptionally beautiful and inspiring.

“Be proud to be a student of NCNM.”

Exactly one year ago, I was roaming about downtown Portland, killing some time before I made my way to the airport. I thought to myself, it would be really cool if I could call these streets home. Today, I walked those very streets…in the city that has become my current home.


One thought on “A Swerving Path

  1. David M. Homer says:

    This article (don’t quite like the term ‘blog’) was beautiful Amy. I absolutely agree that being actively aware in the present moment is a key to stability in the journey. I also think too that having an inner sight on the destination or outcome of the journey is very important for endurance should the path swerve unexpectedly in some contrary manner. Lord Jesus the night before His crucifixion, in a moment of extreme agony sweat blood (hematohidrosis),and in His humanness, would have liked to escape what lied ahead – but, “For the joy that was set before Him He endured the cross,” (Heb.12:2) It was you, and I and the salvation of the rest of mankind throughout time … it was seeing the outcome of His journey that enabled Him to press forward. I think there is no place more accurate in living than being actively aware in the present: an experience most never know; but holding in heart, that inner hope of what lies ahead when the journey would have ended. I love you!


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