First Hike

Portland has been having some amazingly wonderful sunny Spring days. A few weeks ago, while on Spring break, we had some warm clear sunny days which I took advantage of and went on my first two hikes around Portland. Overall, my second and third hikes ever (the first one being that awesome cave exploration that left my highly unfit body as deadweight for days).

Pittock Mansion & The Wildwood Trail


My friend, Kim, and I did the short hike from Burnside to Pittock mansion where we sat on  park bench in the sun, hydrated and snacked. We spent some time admiring the view of Mount Hood over the city while I shared my spiritual story with her.

We followed this up with a lengthy 3 hour roundtrip hike along the Wildwood Trail to the Audubon Society of Portland (a small conservation for the rehabilitation and protection of native birds and wildlife) and back to Pittock Mansion.

Council Crest

Council Crest was a more moderate and shorter hike than the Wildwood Trail around the Forest Park area we did. I was wise enough to do the hike immediately following an intense workout class because, why make life easier for myself? Ha.

We began about halfway up Marquam Hill and took about 30 minutes to reach the top. It was basically the perfect day to clearly view these guys: Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams, Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Rainier.

For so long I’ve heard about how great the hikes around Portland are and I’m glad I finally got to make time for some. Lucky for me, on some pretty clear and warm days too! I can’t wait to explore some more as the summer approaches and we have more consistent warm temperatures!


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