A Whole Lotta Happy!


Things I like about the clear Damon system braces:

  1. The brackets are small and comfortable. Don’t get me wrong! They’re still noticeable but not invisible. And your lips still have to adjust to the extra bulk on your teeth but that’s not really noticeable to others. I remember thinking the braces I had before had huge clear brackets. I also remember thinking that the metal brackets were smaller but they would never properly adhere to my teeth for some reason. I immediately went with the clear brackets this time. For aesthetic reasons, of course. And I didn’t want to risk the metal not adhering to my teeth again.
  2. Fewer visits to the orthodontist. My orthodontist is in Barbados. At the time I got my braces, I lived in Trinidad. By the time my braces are ready to come off, I’ll be living in the Pacific Northwest in America. The Damon system doesn’t require as frequent orthodontist visits so it was convenient for me to simply book a visit for an adjustment whenever I got a vacation to come home every 3-4 months or so.
  3. Less time in the orthodontist chair. My brackets are self-ligating which means those pesky little rubber bands aren’t needed on each bracket. They pop open the brackets, pull out the old wire, put in the new wire and pop them back closed. Visit over. See you in a few months!
  4. I’m impressed with how quickly things changed with my teeth within the first few months. The Damon website claims that the system works much faster than other conventional braces. I, honestly, don’t really think this is necessarily true. Before having them placed, I was given an estimate of having them for 1-2 years depending on how perfect I wanted my teeth to be.

As I’m not looking for the utmost perfection, I essentially harassed my orthodontist that sooner was better (since the travel to and from Portland has become way more tedious and expensive compared to the travel to and from Trinidad!).

So, one year later, my teeth may be just short of perfect but I’m satisfied!

I feel like I need to learn how to smile again. I also feel like my lips need to relearn how to be around my teeth again. The best part is that now I can bite into all the crunchy, chewy foods I want again!



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