Do You Miss Home?

“Are you homesick yet?”

I’m well into my third month of living in Portland, OR and my second month was full of various versions of this question.

Anyone who knows me already knows the answer: nope.

Having never been a fan of the tropical heat and humidity, especially the effect of the sun on my mild photophobia I’m actually not even a little bit missing my tiny island I call home. I never did like the heat. Though the cooler weather has been an adjustment, I still prefer it.

“You’ll miss the sun when it’s overcast for 9 months of the year, though!” True as that may be, I’ll be seeing enough sun when I visit home to make up for it. Not to mention, when the sun does come out I like that I can appreciate the warmth and life it brings with it. It’s a pleasant mindset change from the “Ohh my gawd, the sun is bright and hot. I’m a vampire. The sun is death itself.”

On the positive side, this means that I can finally appreciate the big bright hot ball in the sky.

Admittedly, there are things I occasionally miss: fresh cold sweet coconut water (not that yucky stuff that sells in cans around here).And Caribbean lingo (because where’s the fun in speaking standard English?).

From Trinidad: doubles and pholouri. Because they became delicious staples in my conventional hospital intern life.

Undoubtedly, I miss my friends and folk.

To fall or not to fall.

To fall or not to fall.

P.S. I’ve had this post sitting in my drafts for literally 3 weeks with all intentions of publishing it after adding a photo. The time is flying and I didn’t even realise that much time elapse. My bad.


2 thoughts on “Do You Miss Home?

  1. gniksucram says:

    Fam, gine on? 😀 You like you in solar powered, but since de sun hot as France I ain envy you. 9 munts widout sun in bad doa – try Scotland, 11.7! But it’s good to see yuh miss yuh frens and folks. I tink dey might be Amy-sick a bit.


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