“I’m loving it so far!”

I’ve been asked quite a number of times in the past week, “So, how are you liking Portland?”

I’ve been in Portland for about a month now and I feel like I’ve been placed on an epic ride of life. Has it really only been a month?? My life has changed in so many positive ways that I feel like I’ve reached the first summit of the mountain range of happiness & satisfaction. I know there are more ups and downs ahead of me in life but as for right now, I’ve reached a stable point that I’ll savour.

I started school at NCNM and while at first I felt a little out of place, I began to feel some degree of comfort and belonging by the end of the third day of orientation.

I started going to church, regularly, for the first time in so many years. I’ve always yearned for a church I felt was genuine and real that I could feel comfortable in. I feel like I’ve found just that. Last Saturday I woke up thinking it was Sunday and excitedly thought to myself, “Ah, I woke up nice and early for church today,”  only to realise it was Saturday!


The seasons are changing and it’s now fall. Eep! It’s really great to be in a place where I can relate to the season ads on TV. Ha. I also like cooler temperatures so as the weather is right now (which is apparently still warmer than usual!), I’m very much loving it. It took about a week or two to learn adequate layering for the days that start off at 10 C when I leave home and end at 25 C when I’m ready to head home.

And, if you’re wondering, school has been pretty good so far. Most of it is review since it’s all basic sciences at the moment but it’s a review I quite appreciate since there is information and details I never carried for an extended period that I’ll need for board exams.

I’m loving life here so far.

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