Dream with butterflies

During my first week in Portland, I had two dreams.

Dream #1

My friend decided it was a good idea to get tattoos and convinced into it. Three of them: one large tattoo on my chest, another on my upper abdomen and a small one over my heart though I don’t recall what they looked like. Initially, I thought they were nice and that quickly enough soured into regret and I wanted them immediately gone. I do recall instantly disliking the small one, the third to be needled in. The funny thing was this friend of mine didn’t get any herself. I went from have zero to three tattoos seemingly in an instant (but in the dream world you can never tell time).

I don’t mind tattoos. Some people carry them well. I have a preference not to have any so it came as a surprise to me that I got these in my dream…not surprised with the resulting emotions though.

Dream #2

For some reason, I seemed to have thought blue hair would be a good look and went for it. The deed was done and the resulting emotions mimicked those of the tattoo. Of course, hair coloring has an easy solution if you don’t like it so the degree of regret I experienced in my dream was minimal but there.

After some introspection, I realised just how much of myself I wanted to preserve. It sounds a little strange, I know. I have the kind of flexible personality that adapts and blends easily and well to fit into the society around me.

So far I’ve seen a number of people around Portland with tattoos, hair of all spectrum of colors and piercings (if there’s going to be a 3rd dream, I bet it’ll be a new piercing or two). People here seem to be their own person and display that any way they choose. I like that. Of course, there are just as many people who look as ordinary as I do in passing.

Having come from a far away as the Caribbean where our cultures are different, I find myself feeling like there’s a lot to adapt to here. After a little chat with a friend who also recently moved to the US I realized that, although I’ve always thought I’ve been my own person, I’ll soon find out just exactly what that means.


5 thoughts on “Identity

  1. David M. Homer says:

    life research reveals that the vast majority of people in modern societies around the world have an identity crisis.Most never come into the realization of who they truly are. Just look around, it’s outwardly evidenced everywhere. Many look to others in prominence to share in their identity. Many find it in social groups. Others in their dress, jewellery, car, house and external trappings. What goes with this as the statistics also reveal is that most people take life for granted because the don’t recognize the value of their life. Consequently, most never discover purpose and maximize potential. Therefore never truly becoming who God intended them to be. All this because of an identity crisis. This is true … most people do not realize who they really are; therefore do not know what they really possess; therefore never seeing their true value as a person; so then take life for granted. And anything one does not know the value of and takes it for granted … abuses it (abnormally use it). In the end, when the evening years have come, many which they could go back and relive differently. Truly a sad place to reach. The only true identity and image one can have of them selves is not what parents, peers or friends think; not even what the individual thinks … the ONLY true image and identity one can have is the one God sees when he looks at you. He knows who He has created, the gifts, talents and potential He has build into them all for an ordained purpose. Once a persons finds this, nothing can stop them from a truly effective, meaningful and fulfilling life. When we can transcend in thinking and get the revelation that all humans are created with the nature and characteristics of God, and the capacities that go with that, we will surely rise above the mediocrity of this world. we all just have to learn what being created in His image and likeness really means … because most also don’t understand this truth!

    I once read a wise quote which rings with truth, “We are motivated to become what we imagine ourselves to be.” The highest level of living anyone can attain to is WHOLENESS. In this, is our true identity. Wholeness however is found only in God.


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