About a week ago, my Mom and I hopped on a plane (followed by two more the same day) to move my life to another location again. It was a stressful week.

As if hopping on three flights in 12 hours and enduring the always tedious MIA transfer wasn’t enough, the airline left our two hand luggage pieces behind at DFW (shouldn’t have bothered to check them in!), gashed two others and dented the back of one so that the retractable handle no longer works. I have to admit, it’s still better than the damage incurred on one guy’s two-wheeler: one lost wheel. At least I can still roll my luggage and keep it useful.


Despite some of the crazy happening, we just about managed to get everything we wanted to do within the time frame we planned. Except for my furniture from IKEA, instead of delivery and assembly the next day, I had to wait two more days before my apartment could have any furniture. Which meant Mom and I slept on the floor since we only booked a hotel for 2 nights. A couple comforters and clean sheets down and the floor bed was actually surprisingly easy to sleep on.

Once furniture and internet were sorted out, all was well again. My feet and back were killing me and have now recovered.

Now, I’ve got a new place to call home.



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