At the end of this week, changes are happening. It’ll soon be time to pack up everything (for the third time in 2 years) and fly off to settle into another country. I don’t mind. I’m all for it. I’m super excited. After all, in just a month’s time I’ll be starting at NCNM!

Acclimatisation needs to happen. My last move didn’t require any kind of acclimatisation whatsoever because Trinidad was basically my second home and in the same region. This time changes are about to be a lot more drastic: people, culture, time zone, climate and a whole lot less sun (which I am all too happy about, really).

Then it occurred to me that more than just physical changes are happening. I’m moving from a life of using metric units to Imperial units! I can, more easily, visualise and gauge the distance of 1 km than 1 mile. I don’t even know what the distance of 100 yards is. I can never remember how many litres are in a gallon. And, most importantly, trying to have an idea of what the temperature is in Fahrenheit makes my mind go crazy. Why, oh why, is there not a more straightforward formula for the conversion of Centigrade to Fahrenheit??

While I spent 3 weeks in Rhode Island in June, I tried my darnest to keep approximations of Centigrade to Fahrenheit conversions in my mind. Failed. I then realised that it will take a long long time (and frequent use of a unit converter) for me to get accustomed to the new temperature unit.


Meanwhile, it also occurred to me that my fancy for British spelling may require some tweaking…into American spelling…which I haven’t used too often. Therefore:

  • forget that S! It’s acclimatization.
  • shorten those words! It’s program…not programme, catalog…not catalogue.
  • good bye “U”! No more words like colour…it’s color!
  • “re”? U mean “er”! What do you mean litre? You mean liter!

(If I left anything out, and surely I have, know that I’m still adjusting to the changes and have yet to be conscious of them). Having typed those, my computer appears to detect American spelling as incorrect. Guess it’ll have some acclimatization of it’s own to do.

It saddens me that there’s more to get accustomed to than I initially thought but I am no less excited to make the move. Embrace the change!


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