The Expensive Fix To A Ruined Smile

First 6 months

My progress through the first 6 months. Excuse the various lighting and photo qualities.

About three years ago, I made a post entitled: How To Ruin An Expensive Smile.

Last December, I decided to throw myself for a loop. I got braces again. It almost seemed like a spur-of-the-moment decision. Almost. There’s no way one can just make light of a decision for several months of mouth torture. After years of “Amy, you need to fix your teeth. They’re getting worse!” from my Mom, I decided I’d inquire about Invisalign.

Ah, Invisalign.

I went back to my orthodontist to ask about what the best options were for my far less than perfect teeth. As it would turn out, Invisalign could work but it wasn’t the best option since it would just realign my teeth but not fix the fact that my teeth were pushed forward. Sigh. Best option? Braces. All over again.

The Damon system I’m using now is much different from the previous one I had. It’s surprisingly been less of a torturous experience than I had anticipated (thankfully)! I do get pain during the first couple of weeks after an adjustment which is to be expected. Only once did I need to take some Panadol because I was going for my NCNM interview and I need to not be in pain, especially since food was provided for lunch. Admittedly, that lunch was the first solid meal I managed to consume (extremely slowly) since the adjustment 4 days prior.

The best part about the system is that frequent trips to the orthodontist aren’t necessary. You can simply attend every 3-6 months for adjustments and such. This was perfect because I’m not living in Barbados but I do visit every few months.

The worst part? The food limitations! I’ve been avoiding as many crunchy things as I can (which sadly includes crunchy veggies that I like to consume). I can’t afford to risk breaking a bracket…especially away from my orthodontist.

It’s definitely an expensive fix but, since I’m a returning client, I got a happy discount.

I’m about 7 and a half months in so far. There’s no fixed removal month yet but I’m hoping I can get them off at 12 months! Fingers crossed!


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