Out Of The City

Having been there for longer than usual, I got to see a little more than the usual city. 

Hong Kong Gold Coast

Park up your yacht, have a meal on the Piazza, spend a night in the Gold Coast Hotel, take a dip in the ocean.

Yuen Long: Tai Tong Organic EcoPark

My trip to Tai Tong Organic EcoPark was quite memorable because I’m pretty sure it was the most walking I did in any given day. It was also seriously hot. We’re talking 39 degrees Celsius with trees for shade and very few of those on the 2 km up and down hill walk to get there from the main road! It was almost cloudless and an umbrella was not nearly sufficient to stop the tan lines (or the almost heat stroke I felt). No amount of fluids made me feel hydrated that day.

Still, I had a pretty fine time at the ecopark. Not much was available to do during the weekday…and my aunt and I were basically the only people there. So, my advice to you if you ever go is this:

  • carry your own water (during the week everything is basically closed and the machines didn’t look plugged in or stocked so I nearly passed out from the dehydration)
  • walk with an umbrella (but this is a general rule in HK…rain or sun)
  • be sure to go on a weekend
  • take a taxi if you can. It’s at least 2km walk from the Yuen Long light bus route. Not particularly fun on excessively hot or rainy days.
Sai Kung

From what I was told Sai Kung is pretty well known for its fishing and seafoods since it was formerly a fishing village. I particularly loved that it was in this area that I saw the most dog owners around Hong Kong. Our visit was mainly for the Sai Kung Volcanic Rock Region sea tour. One does not need to be a lover of geology to appreciate the formations.

I have to admit, I took immense pleasure in not eating my hair or having my vision obscured by my hair on the boat with my lovely new cut.


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