Things I Learnt About Macau

Having had such a short trip to Macau, I did my best to be observant about what was around me. Here are some things I learnt about Macau in my short 24 hours there.

1. Macau was previously a colony of Portugal. That certainly explains the mixture of signs that read in Chinese, Portuguese and English. With a history similar to that of Hong Kong, sovereignty was transferred back to China in December 1999. So, like Hong Kong, it is a Special Administrative Region of China.

2. All license plates begin with M. M = Macau. They’re also the first license plates I’ve ever seen hyphenated. Apparently this follows the Portuguese system.

3. People are rather big on the use of mopeds. Reminds me of mainland China. Unlike Hong Kong, there are quite a large number of privately owned vehicles. Hong Kong’s vehicular population is majority public service with taxis, mini buses, double decker buses and commercial vehicles being those you will eye the most on the streets of Hong Kong.


4. Tourism and gambling are what keep it going. There’s a reason why everything looks so amazingly shiny.


5. Three-lane roundabouts. Somehow, that works out for them.

6. Construction. Everywhere.


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