Five Truthful Reminders

There are a lot of people who are harsh on themselves. They tell themselves untrue negative things like “you aren’t good enough,” “you’ll never get anywhere,” “you’re nobody,” “you’re stupid and ugly,” “who’d love you?” It’s so so important to know that these are lies. Remember that.

Whatever your inner battles are, stand up against the negatives with positive affirmations. Never like these thoughts and ideas defeat you. They exist precisely to beat you down and make you stay right where you are. Stand up against the negatives. Stand up and propel yourself forward. There’s a lot more waiting for you!

It takes awhile to set in but as long as you continue to prevail over the negatives, you’ll grow leaps and bounds in the right direction.

0c8c70bdf510be2c3a8984c61e8dc3c3Here are some things you need to remind yourself of every single day. These are the absolute truths, no matter who you are, no matter what your situation.

  1. I am worthy.
  2. I am always good enough.
  3. I am beautiful.
  4. I have the potential to succeed at anything.
  5. I love me.

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