That Time I Complained About The Heat

There might have been one…or two posts that I’ve made over the 6 and a half (how many??) years that alluded to how much torture I feel the heat to be at home in Barbados.

See that one here from January 2010.

And the other one here from February 2010.

And I’m pretty sure I’ve hinted at my undying hate for the heat in various other posts. Barbados has been seemingly getting hotter and the sun like it’s getting brighter (or it could just be my photophobia) every year.

Funny enough, in that first post, I was going on about how amazing the weather in Hong Kong is. And everything I said in that post is true…for the winter season. It is a complete tragedy in the summer!

As I sit in the bedroom provided to me by my aunt for my stay in Hong Kong, I’ve got all the windows open as wide as possible and a fan blowing right onto me. No rotation allowed. Believe it or not, this is one of the “better” days. It really isn’t…it’s just a different day.

Two weeks ago, when I first arrived, it was overcast with the occasional shower and thunderstorm…ridiculously humid with daily humidity up to 90%. Flash forward to the present, I’ve learn that no matter what you think, Hong Kong is far hotter and more humid than Barbados has ever been.

I'm sorry, it feels like what?

I’m sorry, it feels like what?

This is the clearest, brightest, sunniest day I’ve seen so far. I took a trip to the Tai Tong Organic Ecopark on Wednesday and had to walk at least 2 km through 39 degrees Celsius of heat and brazen sun. If it weren’t for the shade of trees for about 1 km of that walk, I know I would’ve just collapsed. As helpful as my umbrella was, it just wasn’t enough.

I haven’t known heat until now. Not me and this again. Nope. No, thank you. I’ve always said it, and I’ll continue saying it, “I may have been born in the tropics but I sure wasn’t made for it!”

It isn’t even the PEAK of summer yet! We’ve only just hit June!

P.S. I forgot my camera cable at my Uncle’s house in the US. So I haven’t been able to upload any photos and make any blog posts about the trip so far. They’ll start coming as soon as I get back!


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