Home In Trinidad I: Food

I’m coming down to the final days of my year of living in Trinidad. I have, in fact, lived here independently for 14 months and it’ll be something I miss. I very much enjoyed my time here in Trinidad but I came to the realisation that I don’t have many posts of my time here. To be honest, I didn’t do much apart from work, eat and watch movies occasionally but I do have some photos to share.

Food has been a great part of my life over the past year. It’s no wonder I put on some extra pounds and some adipose to go with it. I’m working it off now though.

I decided to be more open with the foods I consumed. I mentioned it before but once upon a time I was afraid to try sushi. Now? I’ll happily have some, if I’m in the mood.

Of course, I’ve had other foods to eat. I seemed to have grown fond of occasionally going to restaurants.

I’ve enjoyed the seldom drink.

And I certainly cannot forget desserts!

Admittedly, I probably haven’t eaten as much local Trini food as I could’ve. Regardless, I did eat it…there’s just not photographic evidence to say so.

Miniature Bake & Shark at Las Lap Restaurant

Miniature Bake & Shark at Las Lap Restaurant

There have been tons of foods I’ve eaten that I never took pictures of…because sometimes you’re just so hungry, pulling out your phone/camera is the last thing on your mind. Ha. If there’s one thing Trinidad isn’t short on, it’s food. Food everywere.


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