Today is the first day of the rest of my life. I went through 5 years of medical school. I completed a full year of internship. A full year! I can’t believe how quickly the year passed by.


Earlier this year I sat on the fence of choices that needed to be made following internship. What would I do? Work? Work where? Work doing what? For how long? Study? I was a bit disillusioned about what I really wanted at the time but things have cleared up now. By the end of the summer months, I’ll know exactly what happens next. Until then, I’m taking a nice long vacation.

Sleep. (I’m just chronically fatigued and look like a panda with my slowly deepening dark circles)

Get back in shape. (no exercise in over a year.)

Get back my health. (I’ve eaten a lot over the year.)

There’s a kind of feeling of slavery that comes with being a medical intern. Likewise, there’s an incredible feeling of emancipation when it’s all over.

#throwback #likeitwasyesterday

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