Sushi Lover?

Nope. Let’s not be mistaken. I’m no sushi lover. In fact, sushi is simply a new addition to my life of eats.

There was a time I used to be afraid to eat sushi because…well, I didn’t want to eat raw fish. The idea of eating raw fish didn’t sit well with my stomach. Then I learnt some types of sushi are cooked. Then I decided to try a California Roll during one of my NovelTeas lunch dates. I decided it was delicious. But I never had the courage to venture into trying anything else…until I came to Trinidad.

I started trying other rolls…first cooked, then uncooked ones. Once, I’ve had sashimi. Twice now, I’ve had nigiri. Maguro nigiri in all its raw goodness. What can I say? It was yummy! Slowly, but surely, I’m venturing into the world of sushi. Initially, I felt a little queasy just staring at the nigiri knowing I was about to place raw fish into my mouth. I don’t feel that way about it anymore but I’m still quite hesitant to try something new and raw…


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