Trip To The Zoo

Life can’t always be about work, work, work. Sometimes you need to get out a do something a little different…all in good company. That’s why I went to the zoo. The last zoo I’ve been to was the one in Nassau in 2012. The last time I came to this zoo in Trinidad, the Emperor Valley Zoo, I might’ve been somewhere around 12-14. I vaguely remember that little outing with some family.

We came across this little guy looking so lonely and sad. I’ve probably never seen a monkey looking so depressed in my life. He had a little friend come down for about a minute and they looked like they shared of moment of cuddling before his little friend climbed away again. Then he lay down onto the floor like this…

Sad monkey is sad.

Sad monkey is sad.

"Are you food?"

“Are you food?”

"Oh, I'm ten feet tall" (8)

“Ohh, I’m ten feet tall”

"Look into my eyes"

“Look into my eyes”

I honestly don’t think there’s anything particularly special about the zoo. It’s hot, sunny and humid. The animals are fairly common with a few more interesting exceptions. Generally, all the animals looked lethargic and unhappy. I can’t help but wonder how they’re treated and how difficult it is for them to be caged the way they are. Makes me kind of sad. I haven’t been to many zoos before but the couple I’ve been to have had a bright and active feel to it.


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