A Touch of Life

I’m into my third and final month of paediatrics. I’m not really too fond of the specialty so I’ll admit that I’m happy to see the end approaching. Most of the rotation has been uneventful. The specialty itself doesn’t peak my interest at all and I certainly don’t have the energy to keep up with the kiddies. Not saying that I’m old (because obviously I’m not), but some people aren’t made for that much child interaction. I’m definitely one of those.

I think the only thing that struck me so far happened on Monday while I was on call and attended a birth. I happened to be tagging along with my registrar into birth department to review a couple babies when we were told there was about to be a forceps delivery. Such keen timing. I had the opportunity to not only see a forceps delivery (something I never had a chance to see as a student, and too gruesome for my liking), I assisted in the resuscitation of the baby. It was the only bit of excitement I had for the past 2 months. And the best part of that short moment of excitement? Seeing a newborn connect with its mother.

There’s certainly nothing like seeing a baby who’s crying desperately suddenly calm and quite when touched by it’s mother.



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