The Internship

I’ve been having a hard time summoning the energy to type a post since I started internship. It’s been an adjustment, to say the least. Adjustment to a new environment, hospital, people. Like relearning everything I already knew how to do (in a different hospital) from the beginning again. Needless to say, my first week of work was uncomfortable and frustrating but, as adjustment set in, I learnt to be more comfortable and open up to the people around me. Gotta make new friends, right?

This conversation happened this morning with @howie441. Yeah. Basically.

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Basically being a phlebotomist, I’ve had a patient call me Buffy already. Unfortunately for her, I was taking blood from her every day and thereby earned the wonderful nickname. (Let’s ignore the fact that Buffy was the vampire slayer and not the vampire herself, but that’s okay.)

Everyone has been asking me, “How’s work going?” and the answer’s always the same, “It’s okay.” There isn’t anything spectacular about the job. There’s a lot of running around, a lot of scut work, and long hours when you’re on call. But being trained at the hospital in Barbados, I know how potentially worse it could be to do an Internal Medicine rotation. So, while it’s not great and it’s not terrible, it’s okay.

Unlike Barbados, Trinidad isn't flat all around. 🙂

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