A Glimpse of Earth

At the start of the year, I had what must be the most amazing dream I’ve ever had. It’s not often that I remember dreams but when I do they tend to be strange and relatively unimpressive. Seldom, very seldom, I have a dream that I feel so connected to and brings the most impactful emotions. 

This dream was a dream in which I went skydiving. I’ve never been skydiving…and even the idea of it frightens me more than I can say but not an essence of fear was present in this dream. I was watching the full GoPro Red Bull Stratos and it brought this dream back to me in full. I saw the earth for what it was in all it’s beauty, much like what was captured on cameras. In this dream I saw it’s curve, its blue oceans and vast lands, the great puffs of clouds, it’s atmospheric glow, the darkness littered with the light of stars above. I saw this all and I felt a peace like no other as I was free falling from an illogical distance towards the planet below me.


Prisoner to gravity, I continued my free fall. I watched as the earth grew larger and the sky grew smaller. Everything was just beautiful. It put into perspective just how small I am and how large life, the world below and the everything above me is.

While gazing ‘up’ at a night sky, one in fact hangs off the planet and near the edge of a galaxy, vertiginous, suspended over the infinity of space.

~ Christopher Uhl

As you lie there feeling yourself hovering within this gravitational bond while peering down at the billions of stars drifting in the infinite chasm of space, you will have entered an experience of the universe that is not just human and not just biological. You will have entered a relationship from a galactic perspective, becoming for a moment a part of the Milky Way galaxy, experiencing what it is like to be the Milky Way galaxy.

~ Brian Swimme


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