Pick Up Lines On Doctors

I may not have a well established medical career (which basically started since I entered medical school) but that doesn’t stop people from saying stupid things like…using lame pick up lines. Yes, lame and, might I add, very uncreative. Basically, my friends and I hear the same thing over and over from multiple guys. It gets boring. It gets…annoying.

Here are few that my friend, Vicki, and I have had the misfortune of coming across:

  • hamster-heartbreak“So when can I come get my personal check up?”
  • “My heart’s beating really fast, I think you should come check it.”
  • “My chest hurts! I think I might need mouth-to-mouth.”
  • “I think something’s wrong in my pants, come take a look.”
  • “What’s up doc?” – Not a pick up line but…this is just a no.

Typically my response consists of a polite smile and continuing about my business. This is why I’ll happily keep my studies and occupation to myself. But, let’s face it…that’s not really going to happen and I’m going to have to deal with these lines forever more.

For the dudes, do everyone a favour: save yourself the tragedy of a bad impression and never use pick up lines like those…ever. Not the way to anyone’s heart! Or…their pants…if, umm, that’s what you’re aiming for.

For the gals: as a medical professional, do you have any roll-my-eyes pick up lines to add?


2 thoughts on “Pick Up Lines On Doctors

  1. Kurt says:

    Doc. If you’d stop being so cute the pick-up lines will stop. The problem with us guys is you see a pretty girl and your brain just stops everything to process pretty leaving your mouth to continue on its own. And we all know our mouths can say pretty dumb things!


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