Adventure Time

Lesson of the day: Maybe one shouldn’t attempt to hike to a cave, trek relatively deep into it, climb miniature falls within the cave and make the trek back when one’s fitness is possibly at its lowest after a few months of no exercise. Maybe, just maybe, one’s legs will make you suffer for making such a decision. Doesn’t matter if you have fun, right? Right??



Recently one of my friends suggested we trek through a cave he recently learnt about. We thought it’d be super fun so we made the best out of a bank holiday and made a break for it! After taking a wrong turn or two, we made it to the location and had to make a bit of a walk and climb through pouring rain and mud before the cave entrance was in sight. Admittedly, climbing down a rocky, muddy area as particularly large droplets of water fell from the brush above was not my favourite part of the journey. Another not-so-favourites? The amount of millipedes I had to avoid touching and stepping on as I clambered through the forested area and cave opening; the amount of well camouflaged crickets I had to avoid touching on the cave walls; the cavern of bats we silently walked through as their sounds filled the air.

For obvious reasons, I quite wished I owned waterproofed devices so that I could capture some particularly memorable moments. I’m not totally complaining though, because it gave me a chance to fully immerse myself in the peace and beauty of God’s natural wonders.

I had two particularly favourite moments. We went as far as we could go within the cave…which was where water met the roof and the end of that was not quite in sight. As we began to make our way back, we decided to take a break and chill out in one of the small pools. A break my body welcomed with much gratitude. We probably stayed there for about 20 minutes or so. This was one of my favourite moments, not because of the much welcomed break, but because we decided to turn off all our flashlights as we relaxed. I’m not particularly a fan of the dark (who is?) but I have to say, I’ve never felt so peaceful sitting in the darkness. Darkness so dark that I couldn’t even see my hand before my face. It was a peace I savoured.

The next best part? Exiting the cave. As we started climbing towards the opening, the rain had stopped and the sun was out. And it shone its rays so beautifully into the mouth, that I couldn’t possibly imagine a more picturesque moment. I had to stop for a few minutes and admire it. It seemed so…perfect. As much as I would’ve loved to photograph such a moment, no camera could capture the full true beauty of what was seen with the eyes.

We all made it safely into and out of the trek. Unfortunately, one of my friends had to say goodbye to her pair of sneakers. They lasted a short few minutes as we began our venture into the cave.

The burial ground of battered shoes.

Burial ground of battered shoes.

An experience like this is definitely one to remember. I’d probably do it again. Maybe, just maybe, next time I’ll be a little fitter.


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