Around The Corner


Another lovely comic from Zen Pencils. I’m still very much living out the days of my youth. Regardless of your age, though, this is a message that resonates with most anyone. Let’s face it. Death is one that can come at any age, at any time and in any manner.

We are often kept busy very well within our own lives. So busy, in fact, that many of us forget to make time for ourselves! There are those with families and time consuming jobs. And then there are those who are so caught up in social media these days that…they forget what being social is actually all about.

If you’re thinking about someone, don’t wait until tomorrow to reach out to them. Do it right now, in this moment. Because tomorrow may never come for one of you. Try not to live in the idea of tomorrow. Live in the present. Do what you’re driven to do, right now.


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