Be Water


Difficult times attack us frequently in life. From them, we learn and we grow. But if we are not able to adapt to a situation, it’s difficult to learn from it, outgrow it and move forward.

I love water. It can be most peaceful or it can be most devastating. It is fluid and easily adaptable to any shape and size of container. It can be still or it can flow freely. We overcome our obstacles by adapting to the situation at hand so that we aren’t thrown off our senses, lose control and fall back instead of trudge forward.

Water is also strong and overpowering with the currents it can create. When need be, take charge, stand strong and do nothing short of coming out on top. Be adaptable and strong and nothing will bring you down.

And, of course, water is most essential to life. You’re made up of practically 70% water. Who says you can’t be whatever you want?


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