A United World Traveler

To commemorate the launch of the new United World Traveler, I thought I’d announce that I (and the travel portions of this blog) am a partner of the UWT. We happily joined up earlier this year during July and never really made a blog entry about the fact that it happened. I say “new” since things have changed up recently with a new logo and other nice things. I love traveling as much as the next person who’s filled with wanderlust and I’m more than happy to be a UWT admin and blogger.

What is the United World Traveler?

The New UWT

The United World Traveler project was started by Southwest USA based David Ishmael Photography. It unites blogs, travelers and admins from around the world to bring you one amazing Aviation, Adventure and Travel themed experience. Stick around for WHERE to go, what to EAT, HOW to get there, and, of course, WHAT to do! Powered by David Ishmael Photography, DFWdeno, The Crazy Day Tripper and many other blogs and using (mainly) the oneworld Alliance!

Get Up And Do

This is a new campaign that we encourage everyone to be a part of. Whether you’re traveling and on the go or seated comfortably at home, this is for you! We at the United World Traveler want to encourage you to do something good for the community.

If you’re visiting another country, try to be involved in something that will have a positive impact on the community you’re visiting. Not only should you be taking in the sights, sounds and culture of a community, why not give back a little to it as well? It’s given you so much, it wouldn’t hurt to give a little back. As an added bonus, it’ll still add to your new holiday experiences.

If you’re home and not traveling, it’s no different from you. Do something that’ll leave a positive impact on your community, no matter how small it may be.

UWT Cover

And don’t just keep all the fun to yourself. Share it with us! Whether it be on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, use the hashtag #GetUpAndDo so we can see the good you’re doing for the world!

Traveler, or not, all are welcome to UWT. Share your photos and adventures with us on our Facebook page! We’d love to hear about them.


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