Pancake Experiments

I’m not typically someone who finds herself in the kitchen over the stove. I’m not entirely big on cooking. I have this strange little fear of heat and being burnt (admittedly, it’s not quite as prominent as it once was). I can cook, I just don’t doing it much.

Yesterday, I decided to cook up some breakfast for myself and made some pancakes. Mainly because there was quite a bit of plain Greek yogurt open in the fridge that needed to be used up. Plus I really wanted to try making blueberry pancakes. So, I did.

IMG_3717And this was the delicious result. I’ve honestly never made anything quite so delicious…ever. My Mom taught me how to make pancakes from scratch years ago, so I simply used the same ingredients but added the plain low-fat Greek yogurt to the mix. It was so divine! I haven’t made pancakes myself in a great number of years though (and they’re usually not that great either), so I have to admit that I pretty much made guess work out of the amounts for the ingredients. Ha. Maybe it was beginner’s luck?


There was still some yogurt left so I opted to use the leftover for another batch of pancakes…this time strawberry (topped off with some bananas). It didn’t turn out quite so exquisite as the blueberry but it was still better than my usual plain pancakes. Still made for a delish breakfast.

This was the first time I’ve ever really experimented a bit with cooking up something on my own. I usually have my Mom telling me what to do over my shoulder. I can’t believe I’m about to admit this but…it was fun. I actually had fun trying to make myself a meal. And it was even more exciting when the result was beyond my own expectations.

Maybe I can actually get into this cooking thing.


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