AnimeKon 2013: The Living Legends

Another year has passed and the weekend we’ve all been waiting for has just flown right by!

The theme for this year: The Living Legends! This year more international guests have been flown in to woo the crowds of the Kon:

  • Brandon Easton
  • Tobias Buckell (for a 2nd year!)
  • Yale Stewart
  • Yaya Han
  • JayEm Sison

I’ve had to explain myself many a time for a number of distraught and disappointed persons. By far, the most common question I was asked all weekend was…

“Where’s your cosplay this year??” and/or “Why no cosplay this year??” 

…with some of the saddest and some most disappointed expressions to go with them. Oh dear.

Last year, I cosplayed as Soi Fon (or Sui Feng) from Bleach. Unfortunately, this year I had no cosplay prepared. Why?

  1. I wasn’t even sure if I’d be attending AnimeKon this year. My life post-MBBS exams left me in a world of mystery. This is probably hardly an excuse though, because last year I wasn’t sure I’d attend either…and I still prepared something just in case.
  2. The actual MBBS exams ruled my life. And, of course, studies maintain first priority in life. They are the kind of the exams you pretty much dedicate a good few months to prepare for. Literally, no time to dedicate to creating cosplay.
  3. Post-MBBS exam results left me in a bit of a rut. I thought of creating something since I so suddenly had a little time to do so but…I lacked the inspiration, motivation and excitement of cosplay creation and AnimeKon. Then, medical student life returned and I was back to being hectic.

In essence, for the most part, I lacked the time. I really did feel totally bummed that I didn’t have anything to cosplay for this year that I tried to make up for it on Sunday! Sunday morning it dawned on me that I made a pair of PersoCom ears (from Chobits!) over a year…almost two years ago and could make use of them! I’d never worn them before so they got their use on Day 2 of AnimeKon. Let’s just say on day 1, I cosplayed as civilian extra #7 and on day 2 I was a random PersoCom in casual attire.

The cosplay competition this year was pretty cool! A couple technical glitches but otherwise I thought the contestants were pretty well prepped. Sadly, Hawk Girl lost her wing on stage, efficiently yielding an “oh no” from the crowd, but she was a total trooper and got a well-deserved applause like all others.

My childhood came alive when I bumped into Sailor Moon (by Lee of Caribbean Cosplayers, not in the competition) and when Demona came on stage. My friend Tamara, like the fan girl she is, started singing the Sailor Moon theme song behind me as I was pressing the shutter button. Demona (done by Panterona cosplay) totally owned the stage and, as expected, took first prize for the cosplay competition.

The panel discussions were great. The cosplay was great. The whole event was pretty much awesome. Admittedly, it would’ve been more awesome if I cosplayed. Let’s all be honest here, an event like AnimeKon is best enjoyed when fully immersed in all there is to offer.

The great peoples behind AnimeKon Expo continue to find ways to make every year bigger and better. Thinking back to four years ago when they had their first event, I can definitely say that AnimeKon has come a long way from where it started. I’m so proud of what Mel and Omar have accomplished and will continue to accomplish! You guys do an awesome job and you have a great team with you! Keep sharing the awesome with the world!


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