Life Lessons

So, the Teen Choice Awards happened and I saw this floating around the internet. Positive and encouraging words for the persons of our young generations (and just about everyone, really). A worthwhile video to view.

Basically, 3 life lessons (and some words of my own based on them):

  • Opportunity – They don’t simply drop on your lap. Opportunities present themselves to you and you need to grab at it and work hard to prove to yourself, if no one else, that it was deserved.

“…opportunity looks a lot like work.”

  • Being sexy – Sexy isn’t having society’s version of physical attractiveness. Sexy isn’t physical at all! So what is sexy? Sexy is a subtle intrinsic beauty that simply radiates to those around. Sexy is comfort in your own shoes being nothing else but yourself.

“…be smart, be thoughtful, be generous. Everything else is crap!”

  • Living life – Life doesn’t have a set template that needs to be fulfilled. Don’t simply go through day by day living it to reach checkpoints. Go to college: check. Find a job: check. Get married: check. Have kids: check. It’s often said that you can’t get through life without a university/college degree. But is that really true? Is that what you want to do? Who’s life are you looking to live? Some of the most innovative people didn’t go to college and yet are some of the most successful people in the world. Why could they do it? Because they built a life of their own (naturally, with hardships and hard work). They created the life they wanted.

“…build a life. Don’t live one.”

It’s really great to hear something positive coming out of an industry that can be corruptive every once in awhile.

take care


2 thoughts on “Life Lessons

  1. bclemmonsJr says:

    Lots of good stuff in here. Yeah I saw the same video floating around this week. I was somewhat surprised. I used to think of all “movie stars” as a bunch of dimwits. Kutcher has a clear head on his shoulders. That opportunity quote is priceless.


    • Amy says:

      Thanks for stopping by! Yeah, it’s not often you’d think celebrities could be all somewhat grounded individuals. I’m always happy and pleasantly surprised to see one not so high in the clouds. And this speech was absolutely priceless.


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