Mango Season

The tropics. Where countries are the desired dream destinations by many. Where the sun shines year-round and ensures it’s presence by emanating incredible heat from January 1 to December 31. Fluctuations in temperature are minimal but, indeed, noticeable…particularly during the “summer” months. Let’s be real, it’s summer year-round but July through October are the most scorching of them all. Yeah, there aren’t really seasons around here…

photo 1e

We’ve got…the hurricane season, wet season, dry season, and seasons by fruit! Ah, as we’re on the topic of fruity seasons, this year’s mango season has been so deliciously good to us! And many others, as it would appear. Mouthwatering mangoes galore! We’ve got a small mango tree that, for 10 years, produced no fruit for us. This is our second mango season and it’s been much more of a blessing than the first!

Fresh off the tree and ready for my tummy!

Fresh off the tree and ready for my tummy!

I can’t help but be a tad excited because I love a good mango or two…or three…or…oh, who’s really counting anymore. So sad the season is coming to an end. It was delightful while it lasted!


2 thoughts on “Mango Season

  1. Mario (Med Bro) says:

    I had no idea you like mangoes lol. How tall is the tree? I have planted my sweet tamarind tree and i am waiting for the day it grows tall and starts to produce sweet tamarinds. Not the sour ones. This tree apparently only grows up to 9 feet i was told.


    • Amy says:

      Pretty tall actually. About 2-3 times my height. It’s supposed to be a small tree…but somehow I don’t think it’s as small as we expected lol. You’d need to climb the tree to get most of the mangoes.


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