Lifescouts: June

LifeScouts…like Boy Scouts and Girl Guides but with badges for experiences in life rather than skills. LifeScouts June is Carnival Month!


May LifeScouts badges: 3

Current LifeScouts badges: 38

Juggling Badge

When I was younger, I always used to watch TV and see how well people in the circus could juggle and I remember trying. Periodically for years I’d attempt to juggle this and that. I managed to kind of get it done with 3 tennis balls but it didn’t last too long.

All in all, my juggling career was rather short-lived.

Rollercoaster Badge

Rollercoasters scare me! Yeah I’m one of those people who’d panic and rather dodge any possibility of hopping onto a rollercoaster. I’ve done it once or twice though. Small rollercoasters. My fear with these thrilling rides is that they’ll stop working or malfunction in some way and my life becomes endangered. The last rollercoaster I went on was at a lil park on the island of Margarita, Venezuela. After much convincing, I went and had a thrilling little ride and went off, swearing never to do it again. Later on in the night, I discovered the ride had a little malfunction and had stopped on its own just after it started so people had to climb out and walk back to the platform. I would not have been amused, had I been on that ride. Furthermore, if it were no where near the platform!

Magic Badge

When I was a little kid, my Dad bought me a magic set when he went on an overseas trip! It was so exciting! I thought being able to perform magic was the coolest thing and then I had some equipment to do a little magic of my own. I played and practiced and had so much fun with them. I can’t actually recall just how successful my little magic acts were. Regardless, it couldn’t have been too badly since all my memories are pleasant. Magic!

That’s it for June! There’s no theme for July but look out for those badges too! 


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