Can I Have One?


Growing up as an only child, I once wanted a sibling. A little brother or sister. That, of course, didn’t happen. I grew to love my solace (and still do) but there was always the occasional inkling of at least having a pet. That, too, didn’t happen.

As it would be, my Mom happens to have little preference for the need of a pet. She’s really not very fond of them so I’ve never had one, not even a fish. After all, who’d be home to feed the fish. At the time of my request, our home missed us for 12+ hours a day, except Sunday. Every time I found myself wishing for a pet, I had to remind myself of all the reasons I couldn’t have one…the prime reason being: my Mom doesn’t want one around. Not being home often was quite enough a reason as well.

Here I am, years later, dwelling on the issue once more. Oh, how I’d love to have a puppy of my own! And I’ve decided I’ll get one…but it’ll be years from now. Nevertheless, the time will come and I will own myself a lovely little dog. Emphasise little.

I’ll likely be off on my own when I’m studying overseas before I could seriously consider owning a dog. It would have to be small because (1) I’ll be living in small quarters myself, and (2) I don’t think I could deal with a larger dog on my own as a first time dog-owner. With a bit of research, I’d decided on my top 3 picks! When (not if!) I get my first dog, I would love for it to be a Bichon Frise, Madagascar Coton de Tulear or a Toy Poodle. All are cute! All are tiny! All a kind of related breeds as well. Ha.

It really all depends on a lot of things. After all, owning a dog would be quite the responsibility! One day, though. One day, I will absolutely have a dog of my own. Sometime in the distant future. =)

bichon-frise-puppy-417-1280x800 (1)

So cute!


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