Hong Kong. The view outside my window.

As I lay back and stare out the window of my high rise, I watch as the clouds fall lower and lower and lower. The peak of the mountain before me disappears.

I’ve been shot down and disappointed. The results of my exams were not exactly what I’ve been hoping for. I achieved success in two out of my three exam specialties. Yes, I’m disappointed. A great sadness enveloped and for a little while I just lay back and let it take over.

I’ve been blessed with wonderful people in my life. The love and support I’ve received has been nothing but a great blessing. Yes, I’m living a blessed life. So why then should I remain unhappy about the results I’ve received? My plans haven’t gone anywhere. They haven’t been destroyed. The initial timeline of events simply won’t happen as I’d hoped. But that’s okay.

Failure is a part of life. A little setback is nothing for me. An exam is an exam. Life continues and success will find its merry way to me.

The fog starts to lift…surprisingly quickly, giving its slow descent. In absolutely no time, I can see the peak again. How interesting. These clouds are mimicking my internal dialogue. It only took a couple of hours for me to pick myself back up.

God’s plan is greater than my own. Whatever happens, happens for a reason. Success is just a step away.

To all my colleagues and classmates who have passed their exams…congratulations! It’s been a long 5 years, hasn’t it? 🙂

“A setback is simply the perfect setup for a great comeback.”


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