Puffy Oceans

As someone who flies often, I’ve grown to like aisle seats. It’s simply more convenient. On my flight to New York, for the first time in a few years, I sat at the window seat. The view is always the same but I felt like I was seeing it in a new light, somehow. I can’t view the sky from the perspective of a first-timer but I felt like I was seeing it in the same way I’d see an old friend after many years.


It’s like seeing a sea of clouds above the sea of water. In fact, it really is a sea above the sea. The atmosphere is like layers of oceans casting shadows on each other. And as we descend, the puffy oceans come to eye level and it is everything like the waters seen from the ground…vast and endless…and absolutely beautiful.

It’s in moments like these that I truly marvel at the beauty of my Earth and thank God for every minute I have to appreciate it.



2 thoughts on “Puffy Oceans

  1. Dad says:

    It is a good thing when in the midst of a busy, time-starved world where things appear to be getting more chaotic, that you do not take the beauty of God’s creation and indeed life, for granted; marveling at its captivating beauty. Amy, you are blessed indeed and favored of God. He has a wonderful plan for you in this world. One that will bring positive influence and change to the lives of many. Stay anchored to truth, continue to seek wisdom, grow in trust of God and acknowledge Him in ALL that you do. Then there is no way you can fail. I Love you!


    • Amy says:

      Thanks, Dad! I love when I have these moments in life. Reminds me of how much of the world there is to be seen and admired in its majesty. I will continue to work towards the dreams I have in my heart. Love you too!


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