My Last Day As A Medical Student

I can’t believe it! Has this day finally come? It has!

As many have so kindly pointed out to me, today was my final day as a medical student. The final day of my final rotation. After a week of exams in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, I’ve reached this pivotal point: limbo.

I say limbo because, no, I haven’t yet completed my exams and obtained that all-embodied title: DR. Having completed my final year clerkships, I’m now almost exactly 1 month away from my final M.B.B.S. examinations in May-June. The exam dates are set and written in lovely bold colourful print on my calendar.

Study study study! That’s all I’ll be doing for the next two months. Final exams, here I come!


8 thoughts on “My Last Day As A Medical Student

  1. Dad says:

    I’ll surely be looking forward the close of this chapter into the next and being there to share a “cheers” or two with you. I’m so very proud of you Amy.

    Love you … Doc!


  2. Mandi ;) says:

    All the best Amy… keep the blogs coming.. some of us still got a couple years under our belt to go… Looking forward to calling you Doc next time I see you. PS: You should do a Tips to Medical School from Phase 1 to Phase 2 The Transition blog… for my sake mostly.. cause I’m there now 🙂


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