LifeScouts: January

LifeScouts…like Boy Scouts and Girl Guides but with badges for experiences in life rather than skills. LifeScouts January began with one badge release per day with 29 badges released during the month. This one’s a bit long since there were so many that month.


January LifeScouts badges: 12

Current LifeScouts badges: 12

French Language Badge

I studied French during my first two years of secondary school and loved it just as much as Spanish. But then I had to drop one of the two languages in my pursuit of the sciences so I ditched the less straight-forward of the two. You can just look at Spanish text and read it even if you didn’t know the words! French is not that solid a language (to me anyways). I still have it around in my life, though, since one of my closest friends is in love with everything French.

Guitar Badge

Out of boredom during my early days of medical school, I got one of my friends to teach me how to play a guitar. It was loads fun! Turns out I’m more comfortable holding the guitar as a lefty so every time I’d pick his up to play, I’d hold it wrong since he had a right-handed instrument. Each and every time. I didn’t keep with it for very long though. It just fell through the cracks of time like so many other things I’ve tried.

amy guitarDriving Badge

I got my license just 4 months after I turned 16. Honestly, I think I’m lucky to have passed considering I almost completely forgot hand signals and reversed onto the curb (a move that shocked both my instructor and me because I’ve always been so masterful with reversing). No matter, I’m an excellent driver now.

Skateboarding Badge

I tried hopping onto my friend’s skateboard once. Figuratively, of course. As I have this immense fear of falling, it was a frightful experience for me. Fun, but frightful. I was always only thinking to myself “Don’t fall. Ohmygawsh! Please, don’t let me fall!” as he remained beside me while I slowly, but surely, rolled down the driveway. I know, I’m so cool.

Parade Badge

Last year, I left Nassau just in time to miss their Independence Day by a day but they had a really good parade the Sunday before their Independence and I was able to go see that before I left the island. I’d actually never been to a parade of any kind before so going to their Beat Retreat was quite fun! In the end, I’m glad Vicki had me go see it on our last day in Nassau. Seriously, so much fun! Vicki, a former cadet band member herself, was just about to tears with excitement.

beat retreatFencing Badge

Like the guitar, I began learning how to fence during my early days of medical school. It’s super fun! But it slipped through the cracks of time and got away from me. The only thing about participating in sports like this is that I’m quite passive and just can’t bring myself to attack. What’s the point if you’re not going to attack, Amy? Indeed…it turned out to be one of my favourite sports though, along with badminton and taekwondo.


That’s me there on the left!

Niagara Falls Badge

On one of my trips to New York, I went to Canada for a few quick days with a bus tour. Naturally, one of the stops was…Niagara Falls! I hopped onto the boat from Canada’s side and got soaked top to bottom (especially bottom…my jeans became so heavy with water) despite the frail raincoats we wore which tossed about every which way with the wind at the bottom of the falls. It was definitely an experience to have and one I remember quite vividly!

Archery Badge

Archery’s one of those things that I’ve always thought would be super cool to try. Much to my delight, at one of the annual Olympic Day events, I got to have my hands at it! I never got the centre target (but it was my first time trying!) but at least I never went off the target…I came pretty close to centre once or twice though. *smiles proudly* One of my close friends also gave archery a try and was pretty far off…somehow managing to go over and around the target. My only problem would be my ultimate lack of upper body strength but I’d love to give it another shot! *winkwink*

CPR Badge

As part of my medical training, of course, I’m BLS (Basic Life Support) certified at this point. So, I can do basic CPR. I’ve never put it into actual practice though. I’ve been present in resuscitation situations and the intensity of some of the compressions I’ve seen before have been crazy. Crazy, but necessary. It’s really sad when all your attempts don’t yield positive results but it’s such a relief when they do. Ah, the world of acute medicine…

Swimming Badge

I love swimming! I learnt to swim when I was about 6 or 7 years old in Trinidad. Then I moved to Barbados and I didn’t swim for a few years. Sometime during secondary school I decided I wanted to swim again and had a personal trainer for a couple of months. I’m a pretty slow swimmer…and endurance is not my strong suit…but I’ve been told that I’m an extremely graceful swimmer. My Mom loves comparing me to the grace of a dolphin swimming. I love that. I just needed the speed to go with the grace and I’d feel more on par with the comparison. But, again, this one fell through the cracks as well. Oh, time, why do you do this to me?

Haunted House Badge

I hate haunted houses! Actually, I hate any and every thing that’s scary. I refuse to watch horror films and, if I can, I’ll avoid entering more haunted houses if I want my heart to remain in good condition. I’d seriously cling to the closest person in any manner that makes me feel safer from my surroundings. I cannot begin to describe the relief I feel once I’ve exited. Scary things are not my cup of tea. Not one bit.

Drive-In Movie Badge

I don’t think drive ins are very common these days but we’ve got our own drive in “theatre” here in Barbados. I used to go regularly to watch newly released movies. It’s really cozy to just sit in the comfort of your own car and tune into the drive in radio station and be able to control my own movie volume. I haven’t gone much lately. With new amazing cinemas opening, I don’t think they’ve been doing too well. I’m in love with our newest cinema. It’s a little pricey but definitely worth it. Still, I like going to the drive in to kick back sometimes.


A gorgeous sunset from the drive in.

February is animal month! From February on, there’ll be only 10 badges a month…so much much shorter posts! (Unless I have a fun story to tell that happens to be…a tad longer than a few lines).


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