Paediatrics & Gramophones

It’s the final week of Paediatrics. Oh, the joy I feel to see the end ahead. It’s been a messy 8 weeks so far and I can’t wait to wrap it up and move on forward!

Not that I have any real problems with the specialty. It’s cool for those who love it. In fact, once upon a time, before I started medical school I thought of being a paediatrician. I wouldn’t dream of it now, though. It’s an interesting field, to say the least.

And I can’t wait for Friday to arrive so I can complete my written exam and enjoy my weekend before I start my Obstetrics & Gynaecology clerkship.

I’ve just discovered this refurbished Gramophone. It simply amplifies sound by placing ur iPhone/iPod/iPad into the slot created in the base. No electricity required. Modern antiquity.

I think it’s the most amazing thing I’ve seen in awhile and would like one myself. My birthday’s just a few months away, who’d like to get me an iPod/iPhone gramophone dock? *wink wink*


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