“Remember when we were in 3rd year and our 5th years used to talk about their 10 PM study groups? We thought that was crazy…” – V

I have people around me starting this countdown.

Countdown for what, you ask? A countdown to our M.B.B.S. final examinations. The big ones. The ones that seal the deal. The ones I need to pass so I can finally move on from medical school. Need to. I’m tired of a lot of things pertaining to medical school. No more. No more…

“You know it’s final year because it’s 10:30 PM and WE are actually studying.” – V

I’m tired and I’m lazy. I don’t mind working as hard as I need to. I won’t mind once I’m being paid. I certainly think less of it when I like what I’m doing. Unfortunately, my specialty likes in medical school have been limited to 2 fields: anaesthesia & intensive care…and general surgery.

I feel this great urgency to complete this stage of my life because what I move forward to makes me quite excited. Hopefully, while I’m at it, I’ll come out on top of everything.


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