Turn It All Off

A few days ago, I experience something I don’t think I’ve ever felt in all my years of technology use. I didn’t want to use any of it. I was also in a very asocial mood.

I didn’t want to be on any form of social network site. I didn’t want to converse with anyone via whatsapp. I couldn’t find anything on my computer, iPad or iPhone that I wanted to do…be it games or what have you…to satisfy me. I got bored.

I even tried starting a new Pokemon Sapphire game and just stopped after 1.5 hours of gameplay because I got bored.

I wanted to try reading a book that I started…on my iPad but got bored and sleepy. And I thought to myself, “I really miss having a physical novel to flip through.”

I just wanted to turn off everything and be with just me for a day.

And so, for a few hours, I was relaxing and took some peace away from the snares of the modern world of technology. My, how we have become so attached to these devices.

I hope you’ve all had a fantastic Christmas.


2 thoughts on “Turn It All Off

  1. danchanmktg says:

    I totally get what you’re saying about having a physical book to read. I bought a Nook and I was so ready to read with it, but then I realized it’s not the same experience. So I’ve been going to the library or purchasing physical books to read. It’s just a lot more satisfying flipping the last page of a physical book, right?


    • Amy says:

      Yep! There’s nothing more satisfying about reading than seeing the progress and how much closer you are to the end. Ah! Just knowing page numbers isn’t quite enough…


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