Post-op Day 3: Crochet

Almost two weeks ago, I started learning how to crochet. A friend of mine was kind enough to teach me and decided I’d start off with a simple project: Pinwheel Doily. It took me a little while to complete since I’ve had my surgery and I spent a good 3 or so days just making Christmas cards. Once I was in recovery mode though, I was like a little old lady lying in bed doing her crochet…and I completed my doily last night!

Pinwheel doily progress

Pinwheel doily progress

I’m quite proud of it really. It’s not perfect (obviously) but I think it looks pretty good for a first try at crochet. It’s quite an enjoyable task so I think I’ll take it up as an official hobby. I’m not sure how much time I’ll really be able to spare for it but I would really like to keep it up.

The final look!

The final look!

My Mom was quite happy that I’m taking up “girly” hobbies like crochet.

On the dining table!

On the dining table!

I wonder what I’ll try to do next…


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