Productive Christmas

Vacation! No early alarms or need to see the hospital again for another 2 weeks. Yay! It’s been 8 months since the last 2 week vacation…this April to December run is super exhausting!

Last year, I spent my Christmas vacation watching tv shows and anime. I initially had the same plan for this year too but then I decided to be a little more productive and indulge my creative side. I decided to make some Christmas cards and start learning how to crochet. In both fields, so far so good! I love getting crafty…the last time I got crafty was when I made my Suzumebachi for AnimeKon this year. It always feels like such a relief because it’s so different from the daily regime.

When I’ve completed my crochet piece (starting off simple with a doily), I’ll make a post to show it off! Hehe. If you’re interested in seeing the cards I’m making, I’d be happy to post some photos after Christmas.

Adorable dragon! In my searches, I found out about Amigurumi. This…this is what I aspire to in my crochet.

I still plan to watch some anime in between though. My Christmas break is completely booked with things to do!


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