Hello, December

That time of the year is coming right up! I can’t believe it’s December already! Feels like tons of stuff have happened so far this year…and there’s still another month to go for even more things to happen in my life! Remember when you kept accidentally writing 2011 instead of 2012 in your dates? Yeah, turns out, that was 11 months ago. Wow.

Christmas decor I spotted on the road one bright lovely morning.

The temperature is much improving in Barbados! The sun isn’t as hot as it was 2 months ago (scorching hot and burning my skin away) and the night time and early morning temperatures are becoming divine!

I’m much looking forward to my long-awaited 2-week vacation! It’s fast approaching in a week and a half! I’ll finally be able to take some time to sleep and not study. Yay!

Hello there, December!


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