The Colour Asian

I was recently watching KevJumba’s latest YouTube video entitled Ghetto Music Makes Me Crazy. It’s pretty funny as nearly all of his videos are but there are people who would take great offense to the racial comments.

I’m thinking of one particular person in my class who’s rather sensitive to any conversation regarding race/ethnicity. Racial comments are dropped all the time…that doesn’t make it offensive unless it was said in such a manner.

A little while ago, our little group was gathered in the student lounge chit chatting a little. I can’t recall how it came up but it came to a point when I was asking my aforementioned colleague “What is my ethnicity?” It took quite a lot for him to go as far as ‘Asian’. I’m not fully aware of what the problem is calling me Chinese but it took quite some prodding to get the word Asian out of him.

One of my friends asked “So, what’s her complexion?” and he simply repeated ‘Asian’. It was most amusing. She then said “Oh, she’s the colour Asian?” Haha. It was all fun and laughs for everyone, though.

Thanks to her comment, I came up with this brilliant idea: One day, I’ll become old and successful and I’ll write my autobiography entitled “The Colour Asian“.

Sounds like a great book already, no? πŸ˜‰


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