Developing Entertainment

There’s always one thing I tell people who live overseas when they say that Barbados is such an amazing place: It’s an incredible country to visit and vacation in. But living here is incredibly different…it’s boring. There really isn’t a whole lot to do around here. Since it’s a country geared for tourism, there’s always something for tourists to do but when you live here for years, what do you do for entertainment? Beach? Partying at the same places over and over?

I’ve blogged a couple of times about this event called The Music Factory. It’s definitely something different and brings something new to Barbados. Now, there’s a new annual event that started this year: Rock The Rock. I always thoroughly enjoy myself at The Music Factory and I wasn’t sure about how Rock The Rock would go but there were a couple of bands that I really wanted to see live!

The event hosted mainly local talent from our little rock (Barbados) as well as some talents from Trinidad. The band I wanted to see most: Cover Drive! Huge fan of theirs and I love that they’ve had as much success as they have. I’ve been following them since their days of doing just covers on YouTube with their Fedora Sessions. Then they got signed and things just shot up for them.

I have friends who can be fairly embarrassing when their ready. I love them though…life would be boring without them. I’ve never seen them fangirl so badly. It was hilarious! Admittedly, I might’ve fangirled a little myself. Cover Drive, Threads of Scarlet and Nexcyx were beyond amazing.

I had a really good time. I was still feeling the high from the event for days afterwards! It’s the first time I’ve ever really been to an event like this and I’m so happy they’re going to be making it an annual event. Barbados seems to be becoming a hub for these kinds of events and I’m so happy…less boredom and something to look forward to!


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