I’m A Senior

Not until you’re suddenly given the responsibility to look after you’re junior students do you really feel like you’re a senior student. Or at least me. That’s how I feel about it anyway.

Today our 3rd year students started their clinical rotations. Crazy. 24 people per rotation. Once upon a time, that used to be the total number of students per class. 6 people per team. Once upon a time, there didn’t even used to be that many students per rotation. Now, add 2 final year students to the number and you have at least 8 students per team. My, how the times are…progressing? With one public hospital to service the island…it’s really quite difficult to handle so many students…I don’t know how this is going to continue to go. I’m sure it’s quite like this in other countries as well, maybe even worse? I liked the smaller, less claustrophobic, group sizes though.

Whilst in clinic, after having clerked a patient, I went to inform the consultant that I was ready for him to see the patient and overheard something that the 3rd year said that really hit home for me.

“Today’s my first day. I’m just a third year student now starting. But she’s a final year student. She’s almost finished.”

I’m almost finished. I mean, I’m aware of this but somehow it just sounds so much closer and much more real coming from her mouth.

I’d say that I’m not ready (because I’m not) but at the same time I feel like the time’s overdue and I need to just move forward to the next stage in life…internship (which I’m not looking forward to) and then onto what I want to continue studying (which is what I am looking forward to).

I get to teach the junior clerkship students! Yay! I honestly don’t mind it. Of course teaching means I need to know my stuff and know it properly. Can’t be teaching them the wrong thing, yes? Ah, the pressure! 😛 But really, if I can teach it then I should have learnt it well. Teaching is a bit like another form of learning.


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