There comes a time in every writer’s life when she butts up on some writer’s block. You know, it’s that period of time when a wall suddenly appears as you skip down your blogging path bringing your happy step to a temporary standstill.

For nearly two weeks, I’ve been unable to think of anything to blog about. It hasn’t been two weeks since my last post, but I feel like I’ve been away for too long.

Admittedly, I haven’t been the most productive of individuals lately. All I’ve been wanting to do is sleep. The days pass by like a blur. Is it almost the middle of October already? I’m not even sure what I’ve been doing and why I’ve slept so little. Surgery has certainly kept me busy.

One can argue that I could simply blog about experiences or encounters I have during my days. After all, I like blogging about what happens in my life and, unfortunately, my life is centered around medical school and the hospital. As I said though, the days have become a blur and I tend to remember little from them. Actually, in general, I tend to remember little of my days. Or, at least, that’s how it feels as I sit and type and ponder my daily activities since the start of the month.

Oh boy, is my life boring. Or, is it?

Every time I butt up on that wall standing firmly in my way, I keep on finding ways to get past it so I can continue skipping along happily with blogging. Maybe find a way to create some foot-holds and climb my way over the wall. Or maybe dig under the wall through to the other side. Or maybe stack a pile of rocks and climb over it. Or maybe I could unrealistically, and quite magically, levitate over the wall. Hmm…maybe I could just throw some graffiti along the length of the wall until I find a break. If Dory (Finding Nemo anyone?) can just keep swimming, who says I can’t just keep writing?

Creativity isn’t quite my forte (at least, I don’t think my posts are packed with much of that) but it’s the perseverance to keep on going that counts, right?


2 thoughts on “Blockade

  1. Teik-Chun says:

    sometime you just thinking so much about what you wants to write, may be you can just upload a picture of your life everyday then just give some words to describe it.


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